current skyline specs

Current specs of the car are as follows:

Late 1995 Series 1 Nissan Skyline GTS-T
2.5Litre inline 6 cylinder engine
Single Nissan Ceramic turbo (running @ 12.5PSI or .85Bar)    I've changed the boost from .95 down to .85 coz the engine was pinging in the higher RPM ranges :(
Done just over 80,000km
4 wheel steering (HICAS)
Climate Control
Fold in Side Mirrors
Greddy Turbo Timer
3.5" Exhaust from Turbo Back with Hi-Flow Cat and 5" Tip
Apexi Ram Pod
Apexi ECU
Apexi Boost Controller
Apexi Air Fuel Converter
Apexi Boost Controller Actuator
Blitz SuperSound Blow Off Valve
Veilside Gear Knob and Nismo Short Shifter kit
Adjustable (ride height) JIC Coilovers
17" EVO Mags (255/40 rear, 235/45 front)
Nismo 2 Way LSD
Standard Nissan Intercooler unfortunately :( But i'll put a better one in when my body kit arrives.

I've ordered some Border Racing gear to upgrade the engine and new body kit. New fuel rail, injectors and fuel pump. ooooOOOoooo baby!!! :)

©2002 Alan Woodman

Last updated - 30 October 2005