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Stage 1

I've been very busy recently, so I haven't had much of a chance to do much, but i did get the vinal changed for the gear knob and handbrake to a blue similar to the car... I am very impressed with the work done!!!

I have also been installing some neon tubes in the inside and outside of the car... For the inside i have put two blue neon tubes under each front seat and wired them so when you open the door they light up... To do this it took me about 5-6 hours coz there is only 1 or 2 volts flowing through the door switches which then run back to the ECU which then turns the interior lights on... In the end I found that the boot light stays on even with the main doors open so i just ran a wire there...

Just to complicate things more i blew a fuse and of course the fuse box is in japanese and there are about 25-30 fuses in there, so i had to check every single fuse... :(


Okay, time for some real mods!!!!!!!

My Car went into C-RED TUNING about 3 weeks ago to get some engines mods done!!!
Here is what i'm getting done:
    Nice big Front Mount Intercooler
    Sub-Zero Plenum (Intake Manifold)
    440cc GT-R Injectors
    Racing Gear Heavy Duty Clutch
    Lightened and Balanced Flywheel

he Autronic SM2 ECU will provide me with a lot more flexibility and control over the engine compared with what i used to have, the Apexi Piggy-Back ECU only allowed me to control very basic air/fuel ratios and boost controller... The Autronic will allow me to add traction control to my car through monitoring the wheel speeds between the front and rear wheels, if it notices a user defined amount of slip then it will reduce engine power (through cutting either spark, fuel or both)... You can also define how much slip is allowed at different speeds and engine RPM... I will also have the ability to run anti-lag for my turbo, but if i do that with my current turbo then i will blow the ceramic turbo to pieces, so i will have to wait till i get my Garrett Ball-Bearing turbo (Stage 2, stay tuned)...
Just for a quick history lesson about Autronic, it was developed by the same guy who helped create MoTec ECU's!!! Autronic can be found in quite a few V8 Supercars, rally cars, boats and drag cars...

As you can see there is no plenum, and a few other bits and pieces have been removed  The old wiring harness being modified to suit the Autronic ECU  A towel is being used to cover the cam shafts while the rocker covers were being powder coated
The car is actually resting on jacks while the calipers are being painted  As you can see the powder coating has come up AWESOME!!!!  Another picture of the rocker covers and the turbo
The switches turn various things on and off.. Red is for Anti-Lag, Green is for the different boost settings and Orange is for traction control  Hybrid Intercooler  Sub-Zero Plenum
Sub-Zero Plenum

Well there has been a HUGE delay with the Greddy plenum that is coming from Japan, apparently when they were packing the boxes in Japan some tool thought it would be a good idea if the plenum (which was in its own box) was put into a bigger box full of oranges... So of course when the box comes in, customs see fruit, bang, automatic 3 month quarantine... I should hopefully be getting it back this week, so it should only be about a weeks work after that... So that will take the total time up to 20 weeks... :(

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Stage 2

I've been talking to Glenn and it looks like i'm going to be starting on stage 2 a lot sooner than i expected which is awesome!!!

Stage 2 is going to comprise of a turbo upgrade and this is a basic outline of what i will be getting:
    Garrett GT30 Ball Bearing Turbo rated to 600HP
    Trust Hight Mount Exhaust Manifold
    Turbosmart 45mm External Wastegate
    Braided lines
    New dump pipe
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Stage 3

    Arias Forged Pistons & Rings
    Timing Gears
    Metal Head Gasket
    Head Work
    Balance & Machining
    RB30 Block bored out by 40-thou (1mm)
    RB26 Head
    R33 N1 GTR Oil Pump
Brand New RB30 Block RB26DETT head  RB26DETT head in bits  

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Last updated - 30 October 2005